Busselton Skipbin Rubbish

Busselton Skip Bin rubbish's way of disposing Green waste

Common uses of Green Waste

Grass clippings, bushes, leaves, bark of trees and other green waste are biological and organic waste material. Whatever the company can find usable will be composted and recycled while the bare minimum is taken to a landfill. There are also common uses of green waste that are helpful to the environment and ecosystem that you should be aware of:

Alternative gardening needs, Good for Agriculture, Renewable Energy

  • Composted green waste like wood chips, leaves, weeds and the like that can be used for your garden and house pathways to plant flowers, trees and greens instead of choosing the usual gravel, rocks and bricks.
  • Mulch or compost can be produced as top soils that are beneficial to the agricultural sectors, give nutrients and minerals suitable for crop growth, and help to retain water.
  • Green waste can be a source of renewable energy as this would help to reduce the use of petroleum fuels. It also can produce bio gas which is a natural fuel that will help to thoroughly reduce greenhouse gasses.

As much as you can it would truly be ideal to separate it from other waste and recycle it because green waste can still contaminate ground water especially if it is taken to a landfill as a last resort. But no worries as the company will continuously segregate it whenever you put this waste in your skip bins, they will deliver it to a green waste resource recovery centre.

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