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Looking for a Professional Skip Bin Hire Company that not only gives you high quality bins with efficient delivery service but are also continually conscious of the safety of our environment, you and those around you?
Is it a burden to throw that pile of rubbish on your own or that you have to find the proper waste disposal hence consuming the time that you should spend on more important things?
Worry no more! Busselton Skip Bin Rubbish is the best choice for all your skip bin needs.

Skip Bin Hire

Here in Busselton Skip Bin Rubbish, they have reliable, strong and sturdy top quality bins that are handy for any types of waste disposal. Don’t know what kind of bin to purchase? It can be difficult to figure out the right sizes for your project and other purposes. With the company’s service, they can provide you informational guides if you want to hire or rent one but struggling particularly if it is your first time. They include measurements to all of their skip bins to give you an idea of what kind of sizes to choose from along with the ranges of prices that are inexpensive.
Here is a primary guide:

Here’s what they offer if you are looking for a house and garden clean up type of skip bin that is good for a small area, street and alley:

  • 16 wheelie bins = 4 standard 6 x 4 trailer loads = 4 cubic metre skip bin
  • 24 wheelie bins = 6 standard 6 x 4 trailer loads = 6 cubic metre skip bin.
  • 48 wheelie bins = 12 standard 6 x 4 trailer loads = 12 cubic metre skip bin.


They can also help with really big jobs by bringing multiple bins if required.
Above is only a guide with approximate measurements and just a few examples of what they are offering, you can browse for more here on their website but if you are still unsure, you can call their friendly team to help you.

What waste can be accepted to put inside the bin?

White Goods

Home appliances from your house clean up, tree branches, hard waste and the like.

Green Waste

Grass, bushes, grass clippings and other organic garden waste accumulated from your garden and backyard clean up.

Domestic Waste

Paper, cardboard, yard clippings, wood and other rubbish from your home or office.

Commercial Waste

Any waste result of work done or produced by a business and establishment.

Recyclable Goods

Those that can be reused, transformed and remodelled into a new material.

Why Consider Busselton Skip Bin Hire?

  • They can assist you all the way through from answering your questions to delivering your skip bins to your location.
  • Good natured service and friendly team that you can trust.
  • Busselton Skip Bins are affordable and reliable.
  • Easy to hire skip bins that are convenient for you.
  • The company follows the standards and regulations properly.
  • Busselton Skip Bin Hire is always concerned with the safety and cleanliness of the environment.

What else can they offer?

  • Guidance about government legislations.
  • List of safe to hazardous rubbish so that you know what can be accepted and what is forbidden to place in the bin.
  • Tips to proper disposal of waste.

Start your Skip Bin Hire Project Today!

Rubbish disposal can be a total hassle when you have to deal with particular everyday waste and that unwanted rubbish that has been piled up for months and years that you want to remove. Busselton Skip Bin Rubbish can provide a variety of services and skip bins to fit your needs. The items are reasonably priced and they can provide their services for one off, weekly or whatever service frequency you require to all the surrounding areas of Busselton, and you can ring, or go online to arrange a booking. Kindly check out their contact page for more information.